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Speech Topic:

A positive perspective about work


Executives, managers, entrepreneurs, sales and marketing professionals are all in the producer roles. They are the ones responsible for keeping a business going either by thinking of new products, strategies or by bringing in new business. Being able to stay engaged and productive is very important for these positions. However, now in the internet era where everything is more fast pace. The bar of productivity is higher in order to compete. Which is why Stephfan believes there is going be a big increase of more professionals overwhelmed by stress and anxiety under these higher competitive standards.

Stephfan’s talk is an inspiring and very practical solution focused message from Stephfan’s experience of being CEO of the top software company in the mortgage modification industry. To loosing everything by walking away due to burnout in order to become a car salesman for two years before reaching success again with him currently owning a successful digital entertainment studio. He will talk about how to avoid burnout in order maintain individual productivity.   

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