Stephfan Nurse is the Founder & Creative Director of Relax.Smile.Have Fun;  a lifestyle brand with a mission to remind adults about the things they enjoy. 

Nurse was originally born in New York City and is of Trinidadian heritage; he credits most of his success to his mom. Aside from being a greatly supportive parent, his mother put him through the best private, charter, and performing arts schools during his formative kindergarten through high school years. As a result, Nurse began his entrepreneurial endeavors early. In the second grade, he created a comic book series, in which he wrote and illustrated his own unique superheroes,and then he sold monthly subscriptions and individual copies to his classmates.

In middle school, Nurse was fortunate enough to be accepted to the first charter school in his city, which was founded and run by Yale grads with the intention of training the small students selected to attend Ivy League colleges. One of Nurse’s classes in 6th grade taught him how to read business trends. The teacher of this class, an entrepreneur who had previously sold his tech company to IBM, later went on to briefly return to Yale University as Director of Admissions.

Nurse then auditioned and got accepted as an acting major into one of the top performing arts high schools in the nation. While in high school, Nurse noticed the popularity of the new anime movement at the time, so he created and sold pre-orders to his own anime action computer video game. In college, Nurse was a part of many startups. One of these startups that he ended up leading did R&D tax consulting for innovative small, medium and large businesses. Which lead to Nurse getting featured in two magazines by the age of 21.

As a result of The Great Recession of 2008 which triggered the foreclosure crises, Nurse started the software company Consumer Education Online at the age of 23, which was the first company to create a software (called “Mortgage Reduction”) that helped save homeowners from going into foreclosure. After a few years of gaining major traction for his company, Nurse started to become a media regular. However, shocking the world, Nurse, the CEO of his own successful company, walked away while his company was on the verge of major growth and projected to hit profitable of around 5-10 million dollars by the following year.  

Leaving the opportunity to make millions in the rear-view mirror, Nurse went off the radar and became a car salesman for two years making minimum wage, which caused him to start from zero because he had lost everything financially. Although many cannot fathom why someone with the potential of so much success would make a move like Nurse, he had reasons. Despite his success, the combination of stress from the constant government and bank regulations changes in his industry and lack of balance in his life led to him burning out.

In 2014, Nurse, working as a car salesman and dealing with loss of passion in life, gave his breakthrough and inspirational speech about stress and having fun in life entitled “Relax. Smile. Have Fun.” The success of the speech gave Nurse the unexpected opportunity to get a second chance at his dreams of being an entrepreneur and owning a company again. This is how his company Relax. Smile. Have Fun was founded back in January 2015.